07 June 2017

I am an Educator: The Power of Philanthropy

Philanthropy powers the work and research of 3 different Curry School of Education students.

07 June 2017

Ron Suskind Speaks About Autism Research at UVA

Ron Suskind (COL '81) discusses how Autism impacted his son Owen and his family. The Suskinds are the the subjects of the 2016 film, Life Animated, which is based off of Ron's book of the same name. Ron appeared at UVA as part of the Curry School of Education's Authism Pathways Symposium in April, 2017.
07 June 2017

I am an Educator: Bryan A. VanGronigen

Bryan A. VanGronigen, a rising third-year PhD student in educational administration and supervision, shares how Curry is training him with the mindset and skills needed to prepare the educational leaders of tomorrow’s schools. He explains how opportunities at Curry to teach courses that expand perspectives and conduct rigorous research that advances the study of education provide a strong foundation for his future. Bryan is also a 2016 recipient of the Walter E. Campbell Scholarship from the Curry Foundation and plans to pursue a career as a professor of educational leadership, policy, and organizations.
28 March 2017

I am an Educator: Natalie Eichner

Natalie Eichner, a second-year PhD student, shares how she found the Kinesiology program in the Curry School and what kept her in the program for three degrees. Natalie explains from an intimate perspective why kinesiology is so well-suited for a school of education. Natalie is also a 2016 scholarship recipient and plans to pursue a career as a physician-scientist after her third walk across the Lawn.
12 January 2017

Meet Branching Minds, JEA's Newest Partner

The Jefferson Education Accelerator continues to add partners to its portfolio. Most recently, JEA announced their newest partnership with Branching Minds. Look at the video below to see Maya Gat, Branching Minds Founder share her story.
14 December 2016

Simulating the Classroom Experience

One of the biggest hurdles to becoming a successful educator is learning how to manage the behavior of students in the classroom. Real classroom settings are a critical training ground for future teachers, but they have their limitations. At the Curry School, we are currently piloting a groundbreaking simulation program that provides teachers-in-training with instant feedback to help them learn how to handle this challenging task—with confidence rather than trepidation—from the moment they step into a real classroom.
14 December 2016

I am an Educator: Aubree Surrency

Aubree Surrency, fourth year speech pathology and audiology student shares her unparalleled Curry School journey. Aubree is a prime example of how Curry students learn in and out of the classroom – through research, internships, volunteer opportunities, and professional organization involvement. Aubree is also a 2016 recipient of the Asa B. Johnson Scholarship and plans to pursue a career as a speech pathologist after her walk across The Lawn.
03 December 2016

Curry School's Innovative Concussion Research

Professor Jacob Resch provides insight into the innovate concussion research that is taking place at the Curry School. Dr. Resch, along with his colleagues in the Exercise and Sport Injury Laboratory, are working daily on research that will guide the diagnosis and treatment of concussions.
25 October 2016

Jefferson Education Accelerator

With your support, the Curry School—through the Jefferson Education Accelerator—can work to ensure that merit, not marketing, drives which ed-tech products and services end up in our schools, allowing us to have an immediate and long-term impact on education—and society as a whole.