02 June 2017
The Curry School of Education has a history of great accomplishments and is committed to the future of students, faculty, facility, and education.  What better way to celebrate our most recent accomplishments, students, and faculty than to share with the world how we continue to "Think Ahead"!

We view our recent jump in the rankings to #18 as an affirmation of the work we do every day at Curry. From training educators, to groundbreaking research and clinical care, the common thread is a dogged focus on generating real impact for families across the country and improving human development. Generous gifts are critical, fueling our daily work, enabling us to think ahead, and imagining what is possible. We are grateful for the support of every Curry School alumni, faculty, parent, and friend.

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Join us over the next month as we share Curry School stories and the importance of philanthropy on our future.

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