13 February 2017
Nearly two decades ago Vince and Jeanette Gorman were thinking of the Curry School as they did their estate planning and booked a sizable bequest to benefit the School. Vince had earned an education specialist degree in higher education at the Curry School in 1984, building on his administrative experience in the Army.

He has especially fond memories of the late Jennings Wagoner, the beloved Curry professor who directed the Center for Higher Education and was known for connecting students with the College and other schools across Grounds.

“He was a true Southern gentleman and a good mentor,” Vince said.

He credits the reputation of the program for the flurry of job offers in higher education he received after graduating. Eventually, though, he left higher ed to start his own business, which flourished until he was ready to retire.

Last spring, the Gormans again reviewed their estate plans and decided to establish a charitable remainder trust (CRT) to benefit the University of Virginia. A CRT is an irrevocable gift that can be funded with a wide range of assets including cash, appreciated securities, or real estate. The trust provides regular income for the lifetime of each beneficiary or for a predetermined period of up to 20 years. When the trust terminates, the remainder is put to use by the University as the donor directs.

Based on Vince’s experience working in higher education, he wants to encourage cross-school initiatives with his giving. He will direct the University to establish joint chairs with the funding between the Curry School and one or more other schools.

“This gift is in memory of Jennings Wagoner and what Curry did for me,” Vince said. “Curry is great at what they do. They educate those who will someday educate others.  I think people should give what they can to help the Curry School, because it is making a difference in so many lives.”
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