14 February 2017

Educational Innovation: A Legacy

Alumna Melanie Biermann wanted to say thank you to Curry and honor her parents' memory, so she established the Eileen and Harold G. Biermann Memorial Program.
13 February 2017

Estate Planning to Make a Difference

Alumnus establishes a charitable remainder trust to benefit Curry and others across Grounds
06 February 2017

Creating a Culture of Philanthropy at Curry

Newly coordinated efforts, including greater roles for student voices, are giving prominence to student giving, which is a priority vital to the school’s future.
04 February 2017

Contemplation in Teaching and Learning

The Curry School is applying contemplative approaches to improve pre-K–12 teacher education and to address other critical challenges in education. 
02 February 2017

A Message from Dean Bob Pianta

Alumni and donor engagement with and support of Curry initiatives reflect a belief that Curry is poised to make profound impacts on society. 
01 February 2017

A Little Nudging at Those Critical Life Junctures

Ben Castleman's Nudge4 Solutions Lab brings together UVA faculty, staff and students to design and rigorously evaluate scalable solutions to four pressing education and policy problems: educational equality, chronic unemployment, criminal justice recidivism and veterans’ education.