08 April 2017
While Bob Coffelt was enrolled in the College in the early 1970s he took a couple of courses from the Curry School and found them “very powerful.” When he began to take a closer look at Curry’s work several years ago, he quickly realized that the School’s mission was consistent with his own: to “make the world a better place.”

The work of the Curry School transcends time and space, Mr. Coffelt said. “It has an impact both on current society and the future.”

His devotion to education led to his generous offer in honor of GivingToHoosDay. On Wednesday, April 12, students will have the opportunity to have their donations matched. Courtesy of Mr. Coffelt’s generosity, student participation in GTHD will be rewarded by a $1,000 donation.
Challenge matches allow students to give back beyond their means. Students often express the desire to support their school, and gifts like Mr. Coffelt’s offer them the chance to have a greater impact. The gift also creates connections across generations. “I saw the ability to support such a great opportunity as  a way to encourage students,” Mr. Coffelt said.
In an undergraduate religious studies class he took, Mr. Coffelt remembers realizing that giving is a form of receiving. With the tremendous amount of good work currently produced by the Curry School, he says it’s important to continue supporting initiatives in the lead-up to the bicentennial celebration. “Great things cannot be accomplished without financial resources,” Coffelt said.
To join Mr. Coffelt and others in supporting the Curry School, visit givingtohoosday.virginia.edu/curry and make your gift.
Challenge Match Details
Challenge #1: $500 will be given to the Curry School when the first 10 students make a gift
Challenge #2: $500 will be given to the Curry School when a total of 50 students make a gift
Read more about Mr. Coffelt's Curry School philanthropy -http://curry.virginia.edu/articles/magazine-2009-coffelts
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