The Kinesiology Department has a new lab equipped with a 3D high-speed motion analysis system. It includes a six-camera configuration for motion capture, a split-belt treadmill instrumented with multi-axis force plates and a wireless electromyography system.  

These three components collect data that are synchronized as research subjects or patients are recorded while walking, running or jumping. Using this equipment, kinesiology researchers can learn about how the body moves during activity, the forces that are acting on each joint while active and how individual muscles are behaving.  

This system is state of the art, making our facility a world-class laboratory that will enhance the ability of our scientists to characterize and explain subtle movement patterns in active individuals who suffer from joint injury or pain—subtle differences that may explain why patients experience recurrent episodes of pain or may accelerate degenerative injuries.  

Our goal is to promote health and wellbeing through healthy and active lifestyles despite having experienced prior injuries. This equipment can help us identify factors that cannot be seen with the naked eye, so we can develop treatment strategies to improve the lives of our patients.

Professor Joe Hart, lab director, is pictured at right. (Photo by Tom Cogill.)

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