Jay Chronister and Freddie NicholasHigher Education alumni took a lead in making gifts to put finishing touches on Ruffner Hall during its recent renovation with help from Jay Chronister, Professor Emeritus. Dr. Chronister rounded up a group of Higher Ed alumni, faculty, and friends to name Conference Room 206 in honor of Freddie W. Nicholas (Ed.D. ‘73). (Some donors are not named because they wished their gifts to remain anonymous).

Jackie Asbury   
Jay & Shirley Chronister   
Gene Crume   
Chick Dassance   
Barry Dorsey   
Karen Dowd
Amy Hecht
Tom Jennings
Jay Lemons
Marylin Lockhart
Clem & Bill Pollok
Alton Taylor
Steven Titus

Learn more about Freddie Nicholas.

Other Higher Ed alumni donated to the following named spaces in Ruffner Hall:

•    Room 290 (Brian Pusser’s office) was given by Susan Osborne Coffey (Ed.D. ‘92)
•    Room 292 was given in honor of Becky and Hal Burbach, faculty emeritus of the Higher Ed program.
•    Room 298 (Karen Inkelas’ office) was given in honor of Jay L. Chronister, Faculty Emeritus, and Shirley K. Chronister.

We also appreciate these Higher Ed alumni who supported the general Ruffner Hall renovation:

David A. Wolcott
Peggy A. Pittas
Patricia S. Helton

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