29 March 2017

Response to The Trouble With Texting

In The Trouble With TextingJay Greene offers a thoughtful review of Castleman's book, The 160 Character Solutionand more broadly a critique of the use of behavioral nudge strategies in education and public policy. As with any new policy strategy gaining momentum—especially one being scaled quite rapidly at the state and federal level—it is important to ask critical questions about the efficacy and ethics of nudging.
24 March 2017

UVA Today: UVA Professors Use Behavioral Science and Technology to Improve Prisoner Re-entry Outcomes

Ben Castleman of the Curry School of Education and Jennifer Doleac of the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy are leading a project to strengthen inmates’ transitions back into society.
25 August 2015

Prof. Castleman: Knowing When to Nudge in Education

Behavioral economics, in the form of nudges to help students and families make more active and informed decisions, has entered the mainstream of American education, guiding practice and policy from when children are barely old enough to toddle all the way through college and beyond.