10 February 2017
Child finger paintingEvery disadvantaged child should receive an early education experience that prepares them to enter elementary school with skills equal to their non-disadvantaged peers. The Curry School plans to transform the opportunities for early learning in Virginia and the United States through a new approach to workforce development and program design.

Through our Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning, the Curry School has already developed assessment tools that are used to monitor and improve early childhood programs throughout Virginia and in several other states. The center also excels in professional development for early childhood teachers that increases the effectiveness of their instructional interactions with children.

Now the Curry School is ready to develop an early learning curriculum for children ages 1-5 years that focuses on the assessment of children’s readiness for school and provides the highest quality instruction in a stimulating, fun, learning environment focused on the areas of science, technology, reading, engineering, arts and math. The program will be structured to help children develop the necessary skills to become active, engaged, creative and successful.

The school also has the components of a transformational teacher preparation curriculum that reflects contemporary knowledge on child development and early learning, curriculum and assessment—a package that can be dropped into a range of degrees and delivery systems.
At the same time, the Curry School is proposing to take the lead in building Virginia’s capacity to analyze and use data currently being collected under the Virginia Kindergarten Readiness Program. This work will ultimately inform policy and program investments that lead to improved outcomes for children across the Commonwealth.
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