18 April 2017

So Real

Last fall teacher candidates in the Curry School met with virtual parents to practice discussing ways to make their students more successful
28 February 2017

UVA Today: UVA, Va. Tech Seek Ways to Assist Drivers with Autism

The University of Virginia Health System is teaming with the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute to study novice drivers with autism to determine if they would benefit from specialized training to help them become better, safer drivers and feel more comfortable behind the wheel.
30 January 2017

Curry School in New York

UVA alumni in the New York area have been invited to learn how the UVA’s Curry School of Education is creating solutions to some of our country’s toughest educational challenges.
30 January 2017

Revolutionizing the Future of Student Teaching

A groundbreaking pilot program with simulation technology helps new teachers enter the classroom with confidence rather than trepidation.
18 April 2016

Digital Kids Test Classroom Management Skills of Teachers-in-Training

In a new pilot program, the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education will provide teachers-in-training instant feedback to help them clear the biggest early hurdle to becoming successful educators: managing the behavior of students in the classroom.