11 October 2017
Curry School of Education

Gift from Stern Family Seeds UVA Center for Autism

An inaugural $150,000 gift to the Curry School Foundation’s Autism Pathways Fund will jumpstart efforts already underway to establish a University of Virginia Center for Autism.
03 May 2017

Autism Pathways: UVA Scholars and Community Provide Vision for Autism Center

The Curry School of Education and the UVA Brain Institute along with co-sponsors Virginia Institute of Autism, The Faison Center, and Autism Speaks hosted an interdisciplinary symposium on Wednesday, April 26, 2017 to explore ways to break down research “silos,” and establish a network of relationships to better serve those affected by autism.
19 April 2017

HECHINGER REPORT: The biggest tech trendsetter you know just may be – your local teacher

Bart Epstein, Founding CEO of the Jefferson Education Accelerator, makes the case that if "we give teachers more say and better decision-support tools, we should expect to see more of the most effective ed tech tools rise to the top."
18 April 2017

So Real

Last fall teacher candidates in the Curry School met with virtual parents to practice discussing ways to make their students more successful
30 March 2017

The Journal: NERD Undertakes Cataloging of 10,000 Ed Researchers

The Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia and its Jefferson Education Accelerator are creating the first ever comprehensive catalog of education researchers in the country.

29 March 2017

Response to The Trouble With Texting

In The Trouble With TextingJay Greene offers a thoughtful review of Castleman's book, The 160 Character Solutionand more broadly a critique of the use of behavioral nudge strategies in education and public policy. As with any new policy strategy gaining momentum—especially one being scaled quite rapidly at the state and federal level—it is important to ask critical questions about the efficacy and ethics of nudging.